Thursday, 26 August 2010

for safety reasons

”For safety reasons” is Cora Isabel David's master students
collection, her aesthetic approach to the psychological and
corporal consequences of the running economical slowdown.

Cora Isabel is a Berlin-born fashion designer who 
made a significant learning experience studying at 
Berlin Kunsthochschule Weißensee and Paris Ensad as 
well internships with lionized fashion houses like 
Bernhard Willhelm, Rochas and Giovambattista Valli in 
Paris or Friederike Fiebelkorn and Spitzenreiter in Berlin.

Her creative collection shows broad volumes and some 
sculptural self cocooning cloaks made in woollen materials 
and soft silk fabrics dresses in a wide beige and grey palette, 
”toxic mustard yellow”, blackberry-reds and firry greens.

”Transcribed body shapes like super elevated shoulders 
as well stick out collars embody the need for outward 
safety in a crisis-laden environment (...) According to the 
idea of building protection covers I used many heavy woollen 
materials to create compact-box volumes”...
she wrote on her name's website”.

photo credits: Cristoph Schemel
The whole collection is skillfully complemented with 
accessories like brown leather envelope-shaped bags, 
bright rufous satchels, fastening rope belts and bracelets
surrounding the body in a protective yet comforting way, 
the distinctive way to safekeeping by Cora Isabel David.

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  1. Ciao, very interesting collection.