Friday, 6 August 2010

emptiness is form

Born in South Korea in 1978, fashion design graduated 
from Honglk University, Lee Jean Young is the well-known
winner of  ”El Botón-MANGO” Fashion Award for talented
young designers in 2008 who contextually received the invitation
to design a limited capsule collection for the Spanish brand.

Embracing both Eastern and Western viewpoints his creations 
show simplicity of style combined with Victorian reminiscences.
The designer's inspiration comes from the Prajñãpãramitã Hrdaya
Sutra or ”Heart of the Perfection of Transcendent Wisdom”
probably the most popular Mahãyanã Buddhist scripture, 
in wich ”form is emptiness and what is emptiness is form”.

Lee applies this philosophy to different textures in a constant 
search for contrasts with daring mixes: see-through vs. opaque, 
silk vs. tulle and organza, dark corsets over white ones, 
ample chiffon skirts and asymmetrical harem pants skillfully 
integrated into simple, subtle designs.

Invited as a guest rising star at 080 Barcelona Fashion exhibition 
last july, his show was entitled ”The Strange Wedding Ceremony” 
replicating the old-fashioned wedding ritual combining marriage 
clichés with puzzling suggestions.

Lee also marked his collection with flowers, symbol of youth 
and fertility, as well giant bows, headbands or fascinators 
and bird-shaped laces, large insect rings on gloves for an original 
romantic yet harrowing questioning of love and death 
outlining his ambiguity of feelings about marriage.

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