Tuesday, 24 August 2010

DJ's fantasy objects

Welcome to the realm of fantasy jewels, far beyond
the range of limits of traditional jewelry.
The startling jewels made by Denise Julia Reytan are 
a whimsical parade of bright colors, shapes and materials 
in an harmonic interplay of objects and forms.

To create her own unique pieces Denise Julia skillfully 
combines objects from everyday life with a whole variety 
of materials: artworks in which precious and semi-precious 
stones like coral, amethyst, quartz and obsidian meet glass, 
plastic, plumes, lace, ropes, coated chains, cables... 
almost everything you could possibly imagine.

A funny, open-minded ”poetry in objects” in which 
the valuable is turned into something worthless and 
the non-valuable takes a new stylish flavor.
Born in Düsseldorf, Germany, Reytan studied jewelry and
product design at the local Univesity of Apllied Sciences 
before founding her own atelier in Berlin.

”For me, my necklaces are like poems on the body, 
a poetry in objects. Colors and shapes forming sentences 
and signs, playing and communicating together 
and merging into new formations.
Through the effect of colors, materials and shapes, 
an independent, artificial and self-explanatory image 
should develop and turn the wearer into 
a breathtaking painting.”

photo credits: Mareen Fischinger



  2. those are absolutely gorgeous!!!

  3. These are really fantastic!
    And beautiful colors.
    The necklace suits the model of 2nd photo.