Sunday, 15 August 2010

Danmarks Designskole Show

The Danish Design School is a noteworthy educational institution
promoted by the Danish Ministry of Culture whose newly graduated
designers' show marked the opening of Copenhagen Fashion Week.

They came to display on the catwalks of building 55 seven
different remarkable collections of experimental garments
in a poetic Scandinavian style together with eight bachelor
students projects fully illustrating the variety to be found 
among the School's fashion talents.

...”designers and students from DDS document an overwhelming
will to create new paths which lead to the London fashion scene,
trade fairs in China and top placements in international design
stated Rector Anne-Louise Sommer welcoming
the young designers.

photographer: © Copenhagen Fashion Week

They all deserve for sure my thumbs-up sign!

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  1. The make-up is amzing, I love the first black dress