Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Carmen de Tommaso is the senior figure of French's couture 
being born in Chateauroux more than a century ago, in 1909.
She first studied architecture then switched to fashion design.
At the end of second world war she founded in Paris her own 
fashion house called ”Carven”.

”Couture gave me happiness, the full joy of creating... 
I did everything I could to make women look beautiful... 
those were the best years of my life...” 
Madame Carven stated with a wistful grin in a conversation 
just before her 100th birthday last year.

”Carven” opened in 1945 and quickly became a beacon for high-end 
fashionable clothing as well leisure wear having the intuition to 
appeal to young girls while the other couturiers mostly dressed older 
women and she actually was the first to dare making ready-to-wear 
bringing couture to a broader audience with a very feminine,
flattering style, closer to what women wanted.

Madame Carmen gave up designing only in 1993, at 84, to focus 
her attention to beloved antique furniture; nowadays her house is 
owned by SCM Paris group while Guillaume Henry, former assistant 
to Riccardo Tisci, is the new creative director.

photo credits: Robert Fairer

This fall-winter Carven's collection, wearable and edgy, shows
structured jackets and blazers with emphasized sleeves, rushing
and tucks, perfect trenches or wrapped shirts with schoolgirl collars.
Just made a selection of my favorite looks, mostly black, where the 
label's typical idea of affordable charm is utterly expressed.