Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Tell it like it is

Frank Tell's FW 2010, now available in stores,
is a clean-looking and well designed RTW collection:
simple yet not minimal, made of wearable dresses
with sharp lines and textured collars in a soft color
palette of white, grey, beige and icey blue.

The New York based designer's collection
shows sumptous sweaters, lots of knits as well black on
black layering but I prefer these outfits with merino knitwear
or the 60's echoing white jackets with exposed zippers
and the awesome polar-blue combos.

Superb platform wedges worn by all models during
last presentation at Milk Studios were the perfect
complement to the futuristic simplicity of the whole

all images from the designer's website

Monday, 30 August 2010

the young sophisticators

Harper's Bazaar Spain September issue will display a fancy
editorial with model Suzie Bird playing a worldly-wise woman
wearing contemporary clothes styled by Guillaume Boulez with
the amazing pictures taken by renowned fashion photographer
Chloe Crespi, both grown up in Europe and now based in NYC.
Let's sneak a glance at it.

All photos © Chloe Crespi - Styled by Guillaume Boulez

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Tex-Mex shod in Kirkwood's

Kate and Laura Mulleavy are the talented sisters designers 
behind Rodarte ready-to-wear fashion label whose name 
is well known for previous collections of silk dresses adorned 
with peacock feathers themed around the romantic West, 
nature and their own family linage: 
a powerful American frame of mind.

I have to admit I'm not in love with their latest fall/winter 2010/11 
collection which has been inspired by their Mexican roots, 
what I really like is the materials mixing as well the details: 
laces and fringes, tartan and chiffon, knit socks and 
lace leggings, strips of ribbon and patchworks, all of them
helpful in giving us hints and tips for making our own 
personal outfits next winter.

I've been actually stunned by the shoes, created by  
Nicholas Kirkwood: they have a romantic as well tough taste, 
with skillfully combined details coming both from
sport and formal shoes, high heeled yet so cleverly
designed you can comfortably walk with.

photo credits: Marcio Madeira via: firstview.com/style.com

Saturday, 28 August 2010

VW's shoes exhibition

Apollo winged shoe, 1988
If you ask my hubby what VW stands for he will promptly
reply VolksWagen but for me VW initials are a longtime
byword for British fashion's queen: Vivienne Westood.

Ankle tie with mirror eyelet boot, 1989
Ankle tie with mirror eyelet shoe, 1989
Elevated tartan lace-up shoes, 1992
A well-deserved retrospective of her eye-popping shoes
designs is under way in London's Selfridges Ultralounge
this summer. God save the Fashion Queen!

Mock-crock elevated gillies, 1993
Super elevated lace-up ankle boot, 1993
Louis Vuitton boot, 1995
photo credits: Getty images via: projectrungay.blogspot.com

Friday, 27 August 2010

summer in town

Florence, building restoration in Signoria square
Piazza Santa Maria Novella
Signoria palace seen through H&M store window
Save Sakineh banner on town hall facade
Lone rower on river Arno
On rêve de plage...
Day trippers' style_a
Day trippers' style_b
HP quotation
Funny mailbox

Thursday, 26 August 2010

for safety reasons

”For safety reasons” is Cora Isabel David's master students
collection, her aesthetic approach to the psychological and
corporal consequences of the running economical slowdown.

Cora Isabel is a Berlin-born fashion designer who 
made a significant learning experience studying at 
Berlin Kunsthochschule Weißensee and Paris Ensad as 
well internships with lionized fashion houses like 
Bernhard Willhelm, Rochas and Giovambattista Valli in 
Paris or Friederike Fiebelkorn and Spitzenreiter in Berlin.

Her creative collection shows broad volumes and some 
sculptural self cocooning cloaks made in woollen materials 
and soft silk fabrics dresses in a wide beige and grey palette, 
”toxic mustard yellow”, blackberry-reds and firry greens.

”Transcribed body shapes like super elevated shoulders 
as well stick out collars embody the need for outward 
safety in a crisis-laden environment (...) According to the 
idea of building protection covers I used many heavy woollen 
materials to create compact-box volumes”...
she wrote on her name's website”.

photo credits: Cristoph Schemel
The whole collection is skillfully complemented with 
accessories like brown leather envelope-shaped bags, 
bright rufous satchels, fastening rope belts and bracelets
surrounding the body in a protective yet comforting way, 
the distinctive way to safekeeping by Cora Isabel David.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

lookin' back at the years gone by

These fancy scrutinizers come from a set of stunning
classical-mood illustrations made by Stefano Canulli
for Vanity magazine's summer 1986 fashion editorial.
Whoop it up!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

DJ's fantasy objects

Welcome to the realm of fantasy jewels, far beyond
the range of limits of traditional jewelry.
The startling jewels made by Denise Julia Reytan are 
a whimsical parade of bright colors, shapes and materials 
in an harmonic interplay of objects and forms.

To create her own unique pieces Denise Julia skillfully 
combines objects from everyday life with a whole variety 
of materials: artworks in which precious and semi-precious 
stones like coral, amethyst, quartz and obsidian meet glass, 
plastic, plumes, lace, ropes, coated chains, cables... 
almost everything you could possibly imagine.

A funny, open-minded ”poetry in objects” in which 
the valuable is turned into something worthless and 
the non-valuable takes a new stylish flavor.
Born in Düsseldorf, Germany, Reytan studied jewelry and
product design at the local Univesity of Apllied Sciences 
before founding her own atelier in Berlin.

”For me, my necklaces are like poems on the body, 
a poetry in objects. Colors and shapes forming sentences 
and signs, playing and communicating together 
and merging into new formations.
Through the effect of colors, materials and shapes, 
an independent, artificial and self-explanatory image 
should develop and turn the wearer into 
a breathtaking painting.”

photo credits: Mareen Fischinger

Monday, 23 August 2010

ÚNA=Uncanny Narrowish Armors

Awe-inspiring carcass-like corsets hand crafted from vegetable
tanned leather in a pale sandy shade representative of human flesh
molded in a sort of suit of armor are the staggering creations made
by Ireland-born, London based designer Úna Burke.

Fashion design BA graduated from Limerick School of Art & Design
Úna worked with several fashion companies including Burberry and
Smythson before moving to London where she completed an MA in
Fashion Artefact with London College of Fashion, was awarded 
a distinction and won the ”Off Catwalk Award for Design”.

Works of art or uncommon fashion accessories?
Both of them, indeed. ”Through my work I continually aim 
to create leather objects wich are both visually 
captivating and technically challenging. (...) 
They are free to exist just as the objects they are,
 interpreted independently by each individual...” she writes 
in her website artist's statement.

The result are these otherworldly creations which can be combined
with other garments and worn as sculptural bodypieces, amazingly
suited for catwalk projects for their own unbeatable allure.
No wonder her work has been recently requested by influential 
stylists as well show biz stars and starlets.

photo credits: Rebecca Parkes