Sunday, 11 July 2010

vintage vanguard

Italian vintage clothing has always had thousands 
of adepts and virtuosos but the core evangelists came 
from central Italy: Prato, traditional birthplace of yarns 
and fabrics, Rome, Florence and the small town of Lugo 
di Romagna where more than 30 years ago Angelo Caroli and 
Mario Gulmarelli founded A•N•G•E•L•O which is nowadays 
internationally known as the Vintage Palace.

They started back collecting and selling second hand 
clothes when nobody was interested in, fully understanding the 
value of unique pieces adapted to suit new needs and tastes
into making new self styles.

The Vintage Palace is a huge historical archive of vintage 
garments gathered from all over the world and displayed in 
the only permanent museum dedicated to everyday fashion 
where previously worn clothes can also be hired by 
companies as a source of inspiration or by schools to
learn the developments of fashion industry through time.

A•N•G•E•L•O marshals shows, happenings and events of
historical and cultural interest and takes part in the biggest fashion 
exhibitions all around Italy and Europe.
Here are some pics from Pitti Uomo where the smart
”Happy Kilo” project was presented and from Pitti Filati
latest edition.


  1. Que buen lugar. Yo quiero ir!
    Muchos besos para ti


  2. 1st photo is very interesting!