Monday, 26 July 2010

turning water into crystal

Iris Van Herpen is an extraordinary young designer, she came
to present her spring/summer 2011 collection preview called
”Crystallization”  as part of Amsterdam Fashion Week while 
the whole collection will be on display during next 
London Fashion Week in september.

The collection's theme is the transformation of water into steady
structures like crystals being Iris fascinated by the mistery and
transparency of water and this practice is not only translated
visually but even in the design process.

Iris Van Herpen has been able to make us see what others don't:
the invisibile lines hidden in transparent liquid became symmetric
revealing their structure like freezing water into icy crystals,
as to say from chaos to structured precision.

The result is breathtaking: visually stunning works of art 
with strong Alexander McQueen's echoes (actually Iris worked 
with the late, brilliant McQueen in the past) and there are 
parallels between her own collection and the much lamented 
British designer's last.

Inspiration for her new collection can also be found in her
collaboration with Benthem Crouwel Architects who designed
the new building for Amsterdam's Stedelijk Museum, 'The Bathtub”.

A triumph of sculptured dresses, outstanding handcrafted pieces
made of Ecco leather worked with innovative 3D printing techniques
like .MGX by Materialise, the world's leader in prototyping, for
'solid water' unique garments.


  1. Ooh! They're unique! Are they made of cloth?? They look like carving or something,, So FANTASTIC!! <3

  2. Another young upcoming Dutch designer. Very interesting ideas, great way to present the Ecco leather!

    Greetings from Georgia/USA



    Muchos besos

  4. Great post!So beautiful...
    It's wonderful.

  5. What a fantastic yet well written Post!