Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Paco Rabanne, designer and rebel

The most interesting Estoril FashionArt Festival side event 
this year happened to be the very first retrospective exhibition 
of Paco Rabanne's ahead-of-his-times works
called ”Paco Rabanne, designer and rebel”.

Sixteen essential pieces went on display in Condes de Castro 
Guimarães Museum, the whimsical late 19th century mansion 
overlooking the Cascais Marina in the outskirts of Lisbon, to show 
the whole career and the one-of-a-kind designer's personality.

Spanish born, Paris raised, Paco Rabanne made his entrance 
in the fashion world in 1966 with a memorable debut collection 
called ”12 robes importables en matériaux contemporains - 
12 unwearable dresses made with contemporary materials” 
soon becoming the knight of modernity.

These unique dresses became symbols of rebellion and of the desire 
for difference typical of the 60's revolutionary frame of mind and 
Paco Rabanne quickly fused the rising need of new materials in 
his own work, replacing fabrics with modern stuff.

He actually founded a brand new relation between body
and clothing assembling metallic chains and plaques, paper,
plastic and synthetic fur: later on, as the leader of a new
up-to-date movement, he felt the need to introduce several new,
icebreaking codes in fashion shows like moving his own
put on views to unconventional sets, introducing a background
music and, for the very first time ever, calling
models of different ethnicities.

Rabanne was one of the first trailblazer talents and his own
creations over flooded onto photography and cinema contributing 
to shape the visual imaginary of the time, his plastic and metal 
dresses being worn by Jane Fonda, Brigitte Bardot 
and Audrey Hepburn.


  1. that is extremely out of the box, if not the universe, love it

  2. These are amazing work!
    I love this work.

  3. What an amazing exhibition, I love his work!