Monday, 19 July 2010

”a little about me”

Barcelona 080 fashion week, the official Catalan fashion 
venue taking place twice a year, came to an end a few days ago 
showing the riveting works of 13 local designers and rewarding 
the best menswear and womenswear collections.

Manuel Bolaño is undoubtedly a very talented designer, 
able to delight the audience's eyes with his Haute Couture 
point of view, so far from his previous work for popular 
high street chain Mango.

His spring-summer 2011 women collection won the first 
prize thanks to impressive outfits made with amazing 
pattern cutttings, high quality fabrics and a whole theatric 
parade of crochet lace body stockings, billowy jumpsuits, 
knitwear pieces and even latex.

The collection, called Algo de mì-A little about me, was
...”inspired by my grandma at her house in the small town 
of Vilavella where I was dazzled by the intensity of the white 
walls of the country house, the golden statues of the Virgin Mary 
and the smell of wax of the town church where we went 
every Sunday” he declared to media.

Bolaño's works are stupefying and I bet it's only a matter of 
time before he gets worldwide admiration.


  1. i think its more than just admiration, the next MacQueen vibe ?

  2. They're very unique and cool! Especially I love the jumpsuits in the 4th pic!! :D