Wednesday, 28 July 2010

leather feathers

HOVED photo by Arild Danielsen

Former shoe designer, Denmark's Teko Center educated,
Anne Holm Alexandersen from Kristiansand, Norway,
switched herself to a gifted leather accessories artist.

RYGG photo by Maja Marum Andersen

Her creations are simple leather collars or hair bands
yet they can be described as pure flights of fancy.
Entirely handmade these lavish ornaments are created
from small feather-shaped leather bits carefully assembled
to replicate wings.

 BRYWJE photo by Maja Marum Andersen

”I take inspiration from different textures, animals and nature
in general. My pieces come directly from my head 'cause 
I usually don't draw and plan things in advance, which is 
quite unfamiliar in the fashion industry...
Once the idea popped up I make a prototype, then wear it for
a day to test it out and by living in my own pieces I'm able to
experience a complete feel of the garment and therefore
evaluate how much its outcome would be favorable”...

 STORKRAGE photo by Maja Marum Andersen

Fanciful accessories you can easily 'dress up' a plain
t-shirt with and look awesome without feeling overdressed
at all, they can be purchased on Not just a label website.
Your whimsical accessory is just a click away, though.


  1. It's the first time I see something like this, very interesting link! tnx for sharing

  2. Amazing feather collars, I would so wear this. xo mish

  3. I like the last picture, that accessorie is very cute

  4. I love 1st image!
    It's fantastic:)