Sunday, 4 July 2010

Italian summer


  1. Wow! The pictures are beautiful! i like the 4th pic and the 6th pic! What do you call the flower in the 2nd pic? It's beautiful!!! Is that a castle in the 4th pic? It looks like something out of a fairy tale!! <3

  2. Oh!Italian summer is so beautiful!!
    I want to visit here.
    beautiful nature and color.
    Great photos!

  3. こんにちは, welcome back. The one in 4th pic isn't a castle but a church in Volterra town (where 'Twilight' novel ends), 6th is our cat Gigio on the balcony while the 2nd pic flower's name is Fuchsia (from it the color's name). You both have to come to Italy (for good fashion shopping, too!!!).

  4. Very beautiful photos. Italian summer sounds great :)