Friday, 16 July 2010

histrionic melodrama

Mexico has a lot of talented fashion designers bearing the 
country's unique meaning of life always balanced between 
whoops of joy and death consciousness and Mauro Babún 
is the most theatrical of them.

He unveiled his own label ”Morgana” fall-winter 2010 
collection in Mexico City with a spellbinding, dramatic show: 
dresses were inspired by the intricate facade of Zacatecas pink 
granite cathedral (the collection's properly called Sangre 
de cantera - stone's blood) echoed by the beige and rose 
undertones and the elaborated details of clothes.

Rich volumes, wide silhouettes with some mid-90s reminiscences, 
some Westwood's and McQueen's shrewd reflections done 
with the proudness of being authentically creative.

Babún was able enough to make the collection structured 
while giving at the same time the sense of decomposition 
like the bloodied history of the cathedral.

Off stage three actresses mourned and bewailed over 
a fiddle concerto and the runway was filled with ear-piercing 
screeches giving to it a very surreal yet charming effect: 
at the end Babún received a standing ovation and
later on revealed the show was a vivid dedication 
to Alexander McQueen's life and works.

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