Thursday, 29 July 2010

going sculptural

Knitting is one of the oldest textile techniques which
has never been on the wane across millenia and continents.
Today some forward-thinking designers create other-worldly,
elaborated dress-like works of art and body cocooning
knitted creations.

Knitting just got glamorous in these unique creations,
like the ones by Phuong Thuy Nguyen, Budapest based
designer of Vietnamese origins: her hand knitted
”Unconventional Body Objects” line may be awkward
but comfortable at the same time.

Taipei born designer Johan Ku has highly identifiable
signature designs with over scaled sculptural shapes.
His ”Emotional Sculpture” collection, originally created
back in 2004, has been awarded for its textural and
organic aesthetic. Currently based in UK, he came to
show ”Breakthrough”, a wide retrospective
at the Taipei Fine Art Museum lately.

Irina Shaposhnikova, young Russian designer graduated
at Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, is well known
for her first knitwear collection which was featured 
in Russian Vogue even before her graduation 
as for the latest ”Crystallographica”.
Her knitting technique consists in chunky cable knits 
attached to an invisible nylon net to form marvelous 
window-like dresses.

”In No Time” collection was created by Swedish talent 
Sandra Backlund (previous post below) waving solid 
wool into delicate intricancies to highlight and transform 
the natural body silhouette with her knitted wonders. 
The INT collection included the acclaimed 
flapper dress made of clothes pins exhibited at
London's Fashion and Textile Museum.

Last Pitti Filati exhibition in Florence (see previous 
post here) displayed lots of knitwear trends and market 
related proposals inspired by these unique sculptural 
pieces and their own groundbreaking creators.

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  1. They're very unique! They're plush beyond my wildest imagination!! ;)