Saturday, 24 July 2010

the gifted draftswoman

Let me introduce you to the handsome works of Montreal
based illustrator Mrs. Isabelle Arsenault which amazingly
met my eyes a couple of days ago.

”Early retirement”, 2007

 from ”My Letter to the World and Other Poems” by Emily Dickinson, 2008

Graphic design graduated she soon applied her skills to
illustration with perfectly witty conceptual works, expressive
figures and subtle color palettes with a grapich yet painterly
elegant style.

Isabelle contributes to magazines and newspapers across
US and Canada, received significant awards as the prestigious
Governor General's Literary Award for Illustration and published
several books in different countries, most of all for children.

Her distinctive flair, with a personal charming French rétro
aesthetic (no wonder her major influences being 
Beatrice Alemagna, Frederique Bertraud, Gérard DuBois, 
Dominique Globet and  Jean François Martin among many 
others, of course) made of soft, earthy tones for editorial 
drawings is fully able to burst in brighter, happy shades 
when it comes to children's illustrations.

Check out her website - here - to explore Isabelle's unique
world and the unabridged showcase of her designs, sketches
and collages as well the latest updates or works in progress
like the cute ”Spork” character.


  1. those are all great pictures && i love the one of the shoes!