Friday, 23 July 2010

drenchin' in Delhi

New Delhi came to host the official Pearl's Delhi Couture
Week showcasing the country's best designers creations.
It's true that couture in regards to Indian fashion primarily refers 
to bridal apparel, but the tradition for luxurious dressing has 
deep roots in royal India with its intricated woven sarees and 
kurtas often adorned with precious stones.

This year's exhibition marked the celebrated comeback of
Rohit Bal after a serious illness with a highly impressive
show, extravagant as the designer himself.

Rohit Bal, born in Kashmir, moved to New Delhi where he 
graduated from St. Stephen's College before joining the NIFT,
National Institute of Fashion Technology, and started
designing traditional men's wear.

Rohit shows loads of personality, sophisticated design skills 
and he easily gets inspiration from different areas such
the traditional craftmanship India is known for and the 60's
French Haute Couture making himself able to combine 
traditional and modern worlds.

Rohit, who is known for his creative gestures and he's often called 
the ”bad boy” of India fashion industry, made his purposeful 
rentrée with a collection called ”Khakasrtani - Colors of Ash”,
as symbolic as it gets, to celebrate the 20th anniversary
of his fashion career.

Intricate, timeless embroidery works on jackets paired with
voluminous skirts, some of them flamboyant with Rabanne
and Ungaro echoes, Taj motifs, silk and layers of chiffon where
red and blue creations stroll aside with natural, delicate dresses 
and bride-to-be suggestions.

The catwalk was designed next to an indoor pool and the 
grand finale saw the models ethereally plunging into the water with 
their white skirts floating fanlike at their waist  before inviting
the designer to join the collective sort of Gangetic ritual.

photo credits: AP/Mustafa Quraishi


  1. So glad to see this influence from India; it indeed has to offer a treasure of fabrics with such a rich saree tradition in gorgeous silks!

    Greetings from Georgia/USA


  2. love this!

    i will follow you. follow me also :))