Tuesday, 27 July 2010

down-to-earth Sandra

Swedish designer Sandra Backlund established herself
in the fashion milieu as a visionary knitwear dressmaker.
A Stockholm Beckmans School of Design graduate, she
started designing and self producing stunning 'knitted
sculptures' collections.

Running her own company she came to produce ten
made-to-order collections (her knitting techniques were
too advanced for her to contract out their manufacture)

previous to this spring/summer  2010 which is the very
first mass-produced.

photo credits: Peter Gehrke

Obviously this new collection has the same geometric
esprit and the typical Backlund's iconic knitting techniques
but a better wearability, mini silhouttes to enhance the
natural body shape with variations through ribbed motifs,
angles and folds.


  1. They're very unique and interesting! ! The texture is nice! :)

  2. Sandra has a lot going for her! Very unique designs.

    Greetings from Georgia/USA


  3. It's interesting work!
    This photo is so great.