Friday, 25 June 2010

the rhythm of colors

Yesterday was the opening day of the traditional Gnaoua Festival
”Musiques du monde” in Essaouira, Morocco.

The annual festival celebrates Gnaouas' music as the main feature
of a mystic tradition arrived in this scenic blue & white town facing
the ocean from southern Africa which branches can even be traced
in Haitian voodoo or Brazil's candomblé.

Originating from the exclusive fusion of African magic and Islamic
rituals the Gnaoua performance is structured around masters,
called the maâlems, who lead music and dancing with mesmeric
rhythms of drums and metal castanets (garagab)
gradually inducing a trance in the participants.

This year's programme is focused on breaking again any
boundary between cultures with inedited shows such yesterday's
night concert featuring Sukhishvili Georgia National Ballet
sharing the stage with the Armenian Navy band and
local maâlems Mohamed et Saïd Kouyou.

The 17th edition commits itself to follow harmoniously the 
footsteps of the festival's tradition while creating artistic 
innovations in order to increase Gnaoua's music appreciation.

A powerful chance to be overcome with emotion which I believe 
these archive pics will be able to fully convey.
Besslâma Essaouira! وداعا 


  1. I love all things Moroccan! And I would love to have been there to see all the dancing and hear all the amazing music.

  2. I wish I could hear the sound!!!

  3. Oh how I want to go to Morocco. These pictures look divine. I am sure music on the festival is divine also.