Thursday, 3 June 2010

RFW tailpiece

Back to Rio Fashion Week for two eye-catching brands who both 
conduct experiments on cuts and shapes as well 
on technological materials or finishing.

On Rio's runways for the second time, Patachou's collection displays 
a poshly strong image working on black & white contrast, 
making use of bright synthetic materials for structured shapes.

Patachou s/s 2011 collection, style director: Erika Frade

Melk Z-Da makes use of white color to bring experimentalism 
to a more commercial level with good results. 
Playing with textures and volumes the whole range of fabrics 
like silk or chiffon and even cheap textiles produce remarkable 
origami-like dresses.
A perfect poetry/techno combo.

Melk Z-Da s/s 2011 collection styled by: Melk Z-Da

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