Monday, 14 June 2010

Mediterranean Down Under

Up here in Europe we shamefully pay no attention to Australia:
it's so far away and half empty, hardly ever in the news but after
all it's the world's sixth larger country and it's largest island.
So I'm going to mend my ways introducing you to a very talented 
artist and beloved friend of mine, Melanie.

She's an out-and-out artist and it always amazes me her
sense and taste for colour, the easy way in which she forges
stunning floral shapes out of nowhere, gracefully flying
upon the paper like a Japanese calligrapher 
(even so a sumo fighter when in need).
I'm familiar with her unique style and her prodigious 
textile-designs having worked side by side in the same 
fashion house for so long.
Needless to say I proudly own some of her older artworks,
but I'm in love with her 'swimmers' series of paintings.

Staring at these watery pictures you may think you're
sitting down on a headland overlooking the waters of
Sidney bay, eyes blinking in the sun spotting for the
white sails roof of the Opera House and the fancy shape 
of Harbour Bridge almost feeling the sea breeze and the 
hum of the city which looms behind.

Hey, it's not going to be that way.
A closer look will reveal this is not Aussie: the blue shades
of water are toned down, it's surface flat and motionless,
sunlight's not jarring on and the air is filled with grape
smell while olive trees grow right behind the shoreline: 
this actually is a Mediterranean whereabouts!

Melanie moved back to Australia recently but she deeply 
fell in love with Italy and it's easy way of life, discovering 
day by day the many wonders of Florence and the broader 
Tuscany region as well as the rough beauty of the 
southern part of the country.

Her textures are undeniably Mediterranean, 
her colour palette is inspired by the hues of food, 
of the every day life led between rural landscapes and
historic walled cities projected to a calm, untroubled 
sea where winds and waves are small and friendly.
She's painting what she still has in her eyes 
and in her heart, mainly.


  1. The colours are amazing.
    I love the last one


  2. lovely summer colourful post!!!!!!!

    keep visitin:))