Sunday, 27 June 2010

Lorenzo the magnificent

I know I've been neglecting illustration lately, furthermore
I have to fill out the field writing about one the greatest artist
I could ever have met, Lorenzo Mattotti.

Born in 1954, after studying architecture he briskly decided to
dedicate his enormous talent to comics founding together with
other avant-garde designers like Giorgio Carpinteri, Igort and
Daniele Brolli, the Valvoline group, the most innovative Italian
comics design factory of the 70s.

His works have been published in significant magazines
and his books are translated worldwide but I simply adore
the evolution of his drawing technique through the years.

In fact he became adroit at fashion design reinterpreting the
shapes and textures of celebrated brands and griffes' outfits
in his own otherworldly way adding so much more allure to
them than a photo session could rather do.

He worked for Albin Michel's ”Vanity” magazine, carried out
posters for events like Cannes Film Festival, advertising campaigns
and illustrated the cover of such magazines as The New Yorker,
Le Monde, Nouvel Observatuer and Suddeutsche Zeitung.

Recently he came to work in ”Eros” movie directed by Wong Kar
Way, Soderbergh and Antonioni creating the segments within the
three episodes and is internationally recognized as one of the
most outstanding exponents of art.

These sublime illustrations are from mid 80s issues of Vanity 
magazine (the first two from a Bluemarine poster) but you have
to check his official website here to get lost in admiration with his
style continuity, always within the eclectic practice of those who
have the courage to be trailblazing.


  1. Very informative! Also great illustrations.

    Greetings from Georgia/USA


  2. OMG, I love it.
    The 1st illustration is AMAZING

  3. gorgeous, gorgeous illustrations!! your blog is lovely, so glad to drop by. thanks for visitng my blog -- the blazer is an excellent idea! xoxolannie.

  4. love these! sooo cool, thanks for the visit also. I love your blog! xo


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