Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Far Eastern allure awareness

Recently I ran across some eye-catching f/w 2011 proposals
made by new interesting designers from Seoul, South Korea.

Seoul Fashion Week is the local biggest fashion business event
which opens twice a year (end of march-october) to promote
and support the country's skilled fashion industry.

This is my personal taste selection of dexterous designs where
one can easily spot echoes of vintage French shapes or passionate
style quotations as well bright experimentations.

I won't be surprised in listing Seoul among the world's fashion
capital cities in the next future.


  1. I love the one with big bow in the first picture. so beautiful. and yes, I agree with you. I think it's matter of time that Seoul will be one of centers of fashion!

    xxx Y

  2. thank you for your nice comment :))

    Amazing collection!!

    i follow you..maybe you wanna follow too? ;) <3

    have a fab week!

  3. Those pants from ISAE are super! They give a great silhouette.

    Fashion greetings from Georgia/USA


  4. Hi Mariette, hope you're doing fine down there. Have a nice time. :)

  5. i love that one with the big bow!!! stunning!

    Animated Confessions

  6. Those are definitely great designs.
    The last two caught my attention a lot!

  7. Hmm,,,everything looks nice!! Especially I like the military coat! <3

  8. yes,i definitely agree with you. Koreans have great sense of fashion,and now they're on their way to grab all your attention,fashionista!

  9. @ CCWai: thanks 4 passing by, come again
    @ Vanny: how are you? I've been checking your blog lately: もどって来られる!
    @ Grace: very willingly and Indonesian, too.
    Thanks to all of you dears, love your feedback.