Tuesday, 1 June 2010

the crystal variations

Today we play 'spotting the differences'
exploring the same stunning Prada's crystal dress.
Prada's crystal dress is part of the brand's 
spring summer 2010 collection which is able 
to inspire different lifestyles as seen through 
the lenses of various photographers.
The official s/s lookbook, produced by AMO, 
Khoolaas and Pestellini Laparelli
with photos by Philip Meech

A very young model staring directly in the eyes of the 
reader, like in a movie still.
A living mannequin secluded behind the glass window
of a shop somewhere in the tropic zone.
A snowy white leotard worn underneath the lavish
crystal dress, neon-green plastic sunglasses 
as the only accessory.

Vogue France obviously chose for its february issue 
a stylish woman by the sea anticipating Cannes Film Festival 
instead of a teenage queenie.

Beau Grealey's interpretation of New Romantic
look for Flair, Italy, may issue
(see previous post for more pics of it).

from UK ”The Sunday Times' Style Magazine”
styled by: Lucy Ewing  photos: Robert Wyatt.
A different point of view, again by the sea
but with a strongly sexy allure.

Vogue Nippon, may edition, the same dress
in a unusual underwater shot by SØlve SundsbØ.
A totally unusual, surreal variation which
reminds me Jean Vigo's movies mood.

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  1. Very nice post, so cute.
    The dress id to-die-4!