Wednesday, 30 June 2010

the butterfly effect

Images credit: Wendy Bevan

Have somebody ever told you that a butterfly fluttering
in Rio de Janeiro could change the weather in Chicago?
Referring to chaos theory this phenomenon whereby a minute 
localized change can have large effects elsewhere is called  
'butterfly effect' and it may involve fashion as well.

Butterflies have been plundered by fashion designers 
(how can we forget Alexander McQueen's hat or Manish 
Arora's dress? to name just two) in the past and this
running season's RTW collections make no exception.

Vivienne Tam became one of the most successful fashion 
designers by combining classic style culture with an offbeat 
flair to design clothes with an 'East meets West' eye.

Her s/s collection shows giant butterflies wings printed
on insubstantial fabrics in a wide range of colors, from
pastel tones to the bright hues of a tropical garden 
in clean, fluid shapes.

Butterflies models images: Carsten Witte

The awesome pictures made by Wendy Bevan and Carsten Witte 
were particularly suited, altough in their own different approach, 
to stress the fashion 'butterfly effect'.


  1. so loving the butterfly effect <3,

  2. These butterflies look amazing! (I just stared at them for the longest time : )