Wednesday, 26 May 2010

you ain't seen nothing like the beauty queen

Maybe you guys already know Alek Wek, the gorgeous Sudanese 
model who came to appear on the catwalks 15 years ago.
She escaped from her troubled country's civil war moving to 
Britain where she was noticed by a talent scout while walking 
in a London market and quickly became a top fashion model.

The Financial Times' monthly magazine ”How to spend it” lately 
published a stunning photo-shoot called 'Global Gathering' based 
on a very original idea which juxtaposes an African goddes to the 
expensive European-American top brands styles.

The result is amazing, everything looks perfect on her and the photos
made by Andrew Yee (styled by Damian Foxe) are breathless.
Beteween others you can more or less easily spot Givenchy's,
Jimmy Choo's, Proenza's, Stella Mc Cartney's, Issey Miyake's,
unique items.

Overindulge yourself with beauty.

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  1. Fantastic pics, really wonderful model and the dresses are simply... too much!