Tuesday, 13 April 2010

uncanny sea creatures

Blue will certainly be the color for seasons to come,
not only for its shade but as concept, as a compendium of
undoubtedly evocative meanings, of countless images,
the sea first of all.
                                                                      Themis Tsironis, Greece

From the mysterious unsettling depths of the sea appears
the reminiscence of mythological creatures like mermaids,
breathtakingly amazing and dreadful at the same time.

 from Pierre et Gilles ”Sailors & sea”, 2005

Mermaids have inspired mankind since the dawn of time
and they're still around us: next month's Vogue Nippon
issue will showcase ”The girl from Atlantis”, a surreal report
with top designers suits photographed underwater
(via Tom & Lorenzo's blog) and this led me to collect
some images of them, last but not least the revisited
brand logo of the coffee I'm sipping on.

 Alexander Mc Queen submerged dress from Vogue Nippon

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  1. Love the way you put themes together!