Monday, 29 March 2010

vintage american denim

I'll bring you back to the 70s with this 'time machine' post.
”American Denim, a new folk art” was realized in 1974 in
San Francisco by Owens & Co., published a year later by
Harry N. Abrams Inc. in NYC and after all this time it can
nonetheless be a stunning source of inspiration.

The book showcases a contest sponsored by Levi Strauss and Co.
for the best decorated jeans who had almost 10.000 entries:
an handicraft triumph with pioneering scratches and snags,
aging and bleachings, imaginative patchworks, appliqués or large
embroideries, paintings as well as zippers and sequins, studs 
and beads and even pinned found objects.

A cornerstone of denim elaboration with a fantastic parade of
'son of summer of love' designs and colorplates.
You can recognize the full worth of this book by comparing its images
with the last proposals from the most celebrated denim brands while
grasping how you can find dazzling inspirations too.
I guess the book may still be found somewhere, just google or
amazon it, it's well worth a try.

Here's a contemporary Italian youth mag advert with the claim
”Levi's: a living legend”.
The ad shows the brand's timeline from 1850 till 1975 with the last
box (domani - tomorrow) left white for the next time frames in
the unique story of the world leader in denim manufacturing.

Relics of a bygone fashion world when we all were so naive,
wide eyed and much more confident about the future.
Still with some denim garment on, anyway.


  1. Bellissimo!!! Mi vien quasi voglia di aggeggiare i miei jeans!

  2. Wonderful book, I'll certainly look for it!
    Thanks, Loretta