Monday, 22 March 2010

go fish!

Take a close look at this premium quality leather:
you may think it's alligator or snake, actuallyt it happens
to be made from salmon skin.
Yeah, the large fish so prized for its pink flesh.
 Formerly a waste product of fish canneries Nanai
has turned it into an exotic and elegant leather
with an eco-friendly tan & dye process which
retains the characteristic pigmentation and
texture of salmon skin.
 Nanai is a German brand who improved the
traditional art of tanning fish skins of the Nanai,
the Golden Ones, indigenous inhabitants of
Eastern Siberia, along the Amur river, 
who refined it for millennia.
Such unique art won't disappear thanks to the
vegetable tanning (using organic methods)
chrome-free process. 
Nanai leather is light yet resistant, it's thin and
resilient and ideal for a broad range of products
like purses, shoes, accessories or even wallpapers.
It comes in colors natural, mimosa, chestnut
and 12 shades, glazed or untreated.
It's really good and most of all you can enjoy
it without feeling guilty!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Elisabetta Rofi,
    I study sustainable fashion design in Copenhagen. I'm currently working on a project with Nike where I have to think of ways to create sustainable products for their consumers. I'm doing some experiments with fish skin (salmon mostly) and I'm tanning them with old traditional methods but I have difficulties with how to make the leather soft after they have been tanned. Would you care to share some of your experience with me?

    Best regards,

    Stina Luella