Friday, 26 March 2010

chapeau, Hats etc.

I've always gone mad about hats (thus I need many racks to
keep them) so when I first saw the fancy works of Alan White
and Barry Moss milliners they really made me wow!

Love at first sight: sumptous shapes, fantastic fabrics 
enriched with flowers, ribbons or big bows.
Dupion silk or acaba (sinamay) tailor made hats, headpieces
and bridal headdresses all carefully assembled in 
contrasting shades or with asymmetric brims
making whimsically elegant fluorishes.

I suggest my Dubai friends to look for them very quickly
for tonight's World Cup inauguration at the brand new
Meydan racecourse.

© Alan White Millinery 2010
    all rights reserved
    reproduced by kind permission

1 comment:

  1. Simply fantastic hats, I'd really like one of them! Cheers