Monday, 29 March 2010

vintage american denim

I'll bring you back to the 70s with this 'time machine' post.
”American Denim, a new folk art” was realized in 1974 in
San Francisco by Owens & Co., published a year later by
Harry N. Abrams Inc. in NYC and after all this time it can
nonetheless be a stunning source of inspiration.

The book showcases a contest sponsored by Levi Strauss and Co.
for the best decorated jeans who had almost 10.000 entries:
an handicraft triumph with pioneering scratches and snags,
aging and bleachings, imaginative patchworks, appliqués or large
embroideries, paintings as well as zippers and sequins, studs 
and beads and even pinned found objects.

A cornerstone of denim elaboration with a fantastic parade of
'son of summer of love' designs and colorplates.
You can recognize the full worth of this book by comparing its images
with the last proposals from the most celebrated denim brands while
grasping how you can find dazzling inspirations too.
I guess the book may still be found somewhere, just google or
amazon it, it's well worth a try.

Here's a contemporary Italian youth mag advert with the claim
”Levi's: a living legend”.
The ad shows the brand's timeline from 1850 till 1975 with the last
box (domani - tomorrow) left white for the next time frames in
the unique story of the world leader in denim manufacturing.

Relics of a bygone fashion world when we all were so naive,
wide eyed and much more confident about the future.
Still with some denim garment on, anyway.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

sunday treasure

This is one of the most precious thing I own,
something to hold dear, an autographed
dedication by José Saramago, 1998
Nobel Prize in Literature Winner.

Saramago is undoubtably the greatest
living writer and I'll cherish it forever.
Muito obrigada Senhor.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Beirut's outstanding clutches

Last week while visiting Lineapelle leather 
exhibition I was captured by this glittering
showcase where the Lebanese ”Arti Moda”
company displayed her creations.

Very stilish clutches made of wood, brass, plexiglass
or fine leather.

All embedded in a warm glossy golden light
they looked really cute and well manufactured.
I bet you'd like to own one, wouldn't you?

chapeau, Hats etc.

I've always gone mad about hats (thus I need many racks to
keep them) so when I first saw the fancy works of Alan White
and Barry Moss milliners they really made me wow!

Love at first sight: sumptous shapes, fantastic fabrics 
enriched with flowers, ribbons or big bows.
Dupion silk or acaba (sinamay) tailor made hats, headpieces
and bridal headdresses all carefully assembled in 
contrasting shades or with asymmetric brims
making whimsically elegant fluorishes.

I suggest my Dubai friends to look for them very quickly
for tonight's World Cup inauguration at the brand new
Meydan racecourse.

© Alan White Millinery 2010
    all rights reserved
    reproduced by kind permission

far from the madding crowd

Next year we'll be able to see the movie adaptation
by director Stephen Frears of the outstanding
Posy Simmonds' ”Tamara Drewe” graphic novel.

I met the fancy cartoon columnist a few years back
and I suddenly fell in love with Posy's storyboard style:
she has a brilliant eye for the look of things and her
drawings are in some sort fashionable.

Based upon a modern reworking of Thomas Hardy's
”Far from the madding crowd” the adventures of Tamara
were formerly weekly published by The Guardian
and when the book came out edited by Jonathan Cape
I quickly grabbed it.
Can't wait to see it on screen, too.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

soft shades for a strong look

I stumbled upon these amazing images
by Paris based photographer Marc Da Cunha Lopes
which I think are particularly suited for the
Conceria Italiana leather palette.
Another rendition of the ”new romanticism” trend.

gel made jewelry

Technogel™ is a special comfort gel patented by
Bayer Material Science and developed by the namesake
German Company with the expertise of Milan Politechnic
Bio-Engineering Institute for medical purposes.
Later on Technogel™ has broadened its range of
applications in various fields to the last one:
these original jewels designed by the Italian designers 
Rosalba Galati, Laura Santi e Annamaria Zanella.

They must feel nicely soft to the touch.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

arctic fashion talents

RFF stands for Reykjavik Fashion Festival which ended two days
ago, it aims at providing the opportunity to channel Iceland's creative
energy under one roof.

A really exciting mixture of styles, designs and ideas where,
between many others, I think the most skilled are:

Royal Extreme, by young designer Una Hiln Kristjansdottir
who's witty motto is ”more is more, less is a bore” demonstrates
a strong personality combining high quality materials and great
tailoring with a remarkable technique.

ELM is designed by three women, a gorgeous, sophisticated label

Hildur Yeoman's accessories are charmingly crafted according
to the good old crochet technique.

Monday, 22 March 2010

go fish!

Take a close look at this premium quality leather:
you may think it's alligator or snake, actuallyt it happens
to be made from salmon skin.
Yeah, the large fish so prized for its pink flesh.
 Formerly a waste product of fish canneries Nanai
has turned it into an exotic and elegant leather
with an eco-friendly tan & dye process which
retains the characteristic pigmentation and
texture of salmon skin.
 Nanai is a German brand who improved the
traditional art of tanning fish skins of the Nanai,
the Golden Ones, indigenous inhabitants of
Eastern Siberia, along the Amur river, 
who refined it for millennia.
Such unique art won't disappear thanks to the
vegetable tanning (using organic methods)
chrome-free process. 
Nanai leather is light yet resistant, it's thin and
resilient and ideal for a broad range of products
like purses, shoes, accessories or even wallpapers.
It comes in colors natural, mimosa, chestnut
and 12 shades, glazed or untreated.
It's really good and most of all you can enjoy
it without feeling guilty!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

shabby chic

More pics from ”Lineapelle”, the Bologna's annual Leather Fair.
Casual elegance is one of the themes of this year exhibition:
a very easy stylishness, a little bit décontractéé.
Wrinkled fabrics, ”airy” open-works, embroideries on
cotton, jute, flax  often with chiffon or tulle made flowers
for romantic yet full of grit accessories.
I really appreciate these informal snazzy handbags made
with Trendintex fabrics

Wednesday, 17 March 2010