Friday, 29 January 2010

Pitti Immagine Filati themes

Welcome back to Pitti Immagine Filati part two.
Next year yarns trend themes go on with:

3_NO SUPERMARKET please, I'll grow some greens.
    Retaking possession of the earth.
    We will all grow vegetables and herbs on our roofs
    or in our window boxes reducing waste.
    Sowing, cultivating, makings things grow and ripen,
    then harvesting.
    Making vegetable seeds sprout as if they were ideas.
    We will dress up for the garden, in natural (what else?)
    yet sturdy fibers for all our outdoor outfits.
    Tech-ecological effects provided by natural waxes and
    water-based coatings will be applied to simple, functional
    shapes with lots of pockets.
    A fresh and optimistic ”going for the green” look with basil,
    rosemary and pepper patterns.

4_ NO WASHING MACHINE, I'll do it by hand.
     Retaking possession of our balance with water doing... laundry.
     We will rediscover how fibers react to water and the air that
     dries them establishing a mystical tactile sensations that gives
     peace. Things move and change, the fabrics absorb and release
     water under the clean energy of our hands.
     Some sort of water therapy, a daily ritual to offset frenzy habits.
     Clothes are unstructured and lightweight, material shapes
     itself to the body, like clothes you put on wet and then dry
     on it, taking shape and becoming crisp like sheets drying
     under the mediterranean sun.
So long folks, see you tomorrow.

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