Saturday, 30 January 2010

Pitti Immagine Filati 3

Here's the last theme from Pitti Filati:     Pitti Immagine
 5_ NO E-MAIL, write me a letter
     Retaking possession of handwriting.
     Rejecting the digital world for a sincere method reviving
     the space for writing and drawing yet refusing to hide
     ourselves behind impersonal characters.
     A handwritten letter is not a mere message, it's a little world
     with a scent of hope and expectations to convey or receive.
     The clothes are pure, enhanced with easy origami and
     simple envelope folds creating even geometrics.
     Words become yarns, the yarn a dress,
     The wardrobe as the chronicle of our lives.
     Set down in black & white

1 comment:

  1. Mi piace molto! Tutti questi trend del pitti filati sono belli ;)